Janet Lofstrom

Born and raised in the Peace Country, Janet Lostrom has built quite the beautiful life here in Grande Prairie. With a very strong sense of community and deeply rooted family values, she has encouraged, educated and supported many individuals through their journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

“I love helping people, teaching and seeing the transformations from the start of their weight loss journey to the finish. I love seeing the smiles, the confidence and the improvements in overall well-being.” – Janet Lofstrom

Owner and operator at Essentially U Weightloss & Wellness, Janet has trained in Ketogenic diets and is an experienced weight loss coach.She has also completed advanced training with the Eurowave Pro. When it comes to weight loss well-being, she has many platforms and custom solutions for each client and an energy that is positively infectious.  An entrepreneur at heart, she is passionate about the industry she represents.  The Infinite Element is indeed the next step to her innovative approach on health and wellness.