The Infinite Experience!

The Infinite Transformation

The Infinite Transformation

Come Experience 6 Weeks of Awesome!
Transform your mindset through consultations and workshops that create awareness of how food affects your mind, body, emotions. Learn tools and get motivation to transition into a healthy lifestyle.
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Organic Clay Body Wraps

Organic Clay Body Wraps

Fully immerse yourself into relaxation, healing, and melting away unwanted toxins and inches. Sit back and relax in the Salt Sanctuary while enjoying all the benefits of the detoxing body wrap.

Health Wise food products enrich lives with the highest quality, greatest tasting and affordable nutritional products in the world.  Used in combination with The Infinite Transformation, or as addition to your dietary lifestyle, we are committed  to providing our clients with the products, programs and professional assistance they need to inspire them to overcome health obstacles and reclaim their passion for life.  See the bottom of the page or in store for a selection of items available. 

Eurowave Pro

Eurowave Pro

One relaxing, comfortable Eurowave Pro treatment can guarantee an immediate loss of 1″-3” in any targeted area of your body!  By employing 400-600 Hz pulsating faradic waves to penetrate through the skin and tissue of your body right into the fat and muscles, we are able to facilitate the equivalent to 200 perfect sit ups!  Couple this with many of our other services, and it is a great compliment to a dedicated wellness regime. 


Used to measure and track body composition in the The Infinite Transformation program, the Tanita scale is backed by extensive independent research and is regarded by the scientific community as the “gold standard in BIA technology”, a technology that remains at the forefront of scientific advances.  

Energy Consultations

Energy Consultations

Balance your energy to clear your mind, body and soul.  Chakra balancing is a great way to clear up mental fog, stress and anxiety.  It can help revive your ambitions and motivations too! We offer a 1.5 hr full-body chakra balance in our energy room (complete with salt flooring, like in the Salt Sanctuary).

If you haven’t experienced a Himalayan Salt Sanctuary yet, you owe it to yourself to spend some time doing yoga, meditating, studying, or just relaxing in the largest pure Himalayan Salt Room in the Peace Country.  Register for a class or stop by for a drop-in session!

Salt Treatments

Salt Treatments

Using Salt as a Catalyst for Wellness
By implementing different genres of salt into our services in different ways, we are able to increase the benefits of services.  Our ‘salt-infused’ services include a Reflexology Salt Treatment, Infinite Salt Pampering, Sole Water Soak and many more!  

Himalayan Salt Lamps attract the moisture in the air, quickly heating it up to where it can evaporate.  This adds an extra electron that causes a cleansing effect, resulting in a purifying atmosphere.  Purified air increases level of blood flow to our brain, stimulating the production of serotonin, the feel-good monoamine neurotransmitter.

Foot, Facial, and Maternal Reflexology

Foot, Facial, and Maternal Reflexology

Reflexology practitioners have a unique ability to recognize and target ailments body-wide by applying pressure to specific parts of the feet, hands, and ears.  Through timeless techniques of pressure and massage, with the addition of specific tools, our certified practitioners are able to engage problem areas in the feet, hands, and face to alleviate the many forms of discomfort instigated by our day-to-day lives.  There are over 7200 nerve endings in each foot, corresponding to every major system and organ in your body.  Through these techniques, true balance can be restored to your life.

“When you become aware of your relationship with food at the level of thoughts and emotions, you change your relationship with yourself”

Meditations & Workshops

Meditations & Workshops

Join us every Tuesday in the Salt Sanctuary for a journey. Every week is a new facilitator and 2 times are available for your convenience. Come for the 6:30 pm meditation or the 8:00 pm meditation.

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